Easy, One-Click BlueJeans Meetings for Workplace by Facebook

May 1, 2018 Peter Verwayen

Workplace by Facebook has seen tremendous growth since its launch in October 2016, with more than 30,000 organizations using the platform. With an interface similar to Facebook, Workplace provides all the familiarity of the personal social networking tool with the features and added security that enterprises require.

One of the many ways that Workplace adds value to the enterprise is with Workplace Chat—the instant messaging application within Workplace that allows for both 1:1 conversations and group messages. Much like Facebook Messenger, Workplace Chat provides an easy and simple way for users to message one another, send attachments, and take polls.

That said, not all conversations can—or should—be conducted via instant message. There are times when employees have questions that require complex explanations, or when coworkers need to see each other face-to-face to make an important decision. With the new BlueJeans integration with Workplace Chat, immersive collaboration is now easier than ever.

From any chat message, you can now start a BlueJeans meeting with a simple command. Using the bot, individuals or entire teams can launch rich, multi-party video meetings directly from within Workplace Chat. Simply type @BlueJeans within the chat window to launch your next meeting or invoke the bot directly through Workplace Chat Extensions feature. 


Once the integration is installed across the enterprise, users can invite individuals or multiple parties, and even share their screens just like a regular BlueJeans meeting. Using this command saves time switching applications, making it faster and easier to jump into meetings at the second you need to meet. With BlueJeans for Workplace, you get both the flexibility of chat and the efficiency of face-to-face communications for those times when you need to bring the team together. 

Combine this integration with the other BlueJeans features for Workplace, such as live streaming to the News Feed and Groups. With this functionality, you can stream BlueJeans video calls directly to Workplace for archiving, commenting, and later viewing. With BlueJeans, you have the power to bring people together, create collaborative experiences, and broadcast them over Workplace by Facebook—making modern meetings possible for your entire organization.

Try out the Workplace by Facebook integration with a free trial of BlueJeans.

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Peter Verwayen

Peter Verwayen is the Senior Director of Product at BlueJeans Network and was a member of the original BlueJeans launch team. Prior to joining BlueJeans, he spent nine years at Cisco/WebEx, where he owned all service provider audio integrations into WebEx and Jabber, and brought the first Room-to-Remote, interop solution to market.

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