Michael Moore says, “If we can dream it, BlueJeans can make it reality”

October 4, 2016

Broadcasting live, interactive video shouldn’t have limits. This past July, renowned filmmaker, Michael Moore and his team proved it by using Primetime to bring his annual Traverse City Film Festival to the world. In exchange, a much broader audience got to experience a celebration of great film; they were able to connect, interact, and engage in an entirely new way.

Moore has long been recognized for his passion for cinema-- perhaps as much as for his outspoken, political beliefs and penchant for sparking lively dialogue. His desire for people to watch a film, be entertained by it, and to discuss and learn from it is palpable, which is why BlueJeans proved to be the perfect partner for this year’s festival. Primetime enabled Moore and his team to bring thousands of actively engaged participants to the stage (or the computer or smartphone) from well beyond the borders of Michigan.

And just like Moore, BlueJeans never thinks small.

“If we dream it, BlueJeans can make it reality. They did it for our worldwide screening of “Where to Invade Next,” which featured participants and subjects conversing from around the globe. The interactions were seamless and the experience for the audience was unforgettable,” Moore explained.  

After the festival, Moore and his team were so impressed that they extended their relationship with Primetime. Now, it’s being used to broadcast live, monthly board meetings where Michael meets with various high-profile directors to organize and collaborate in preparation for the 2017 Traverse City Film Festival. Primetime enables them to provide an incredible behind-the-scenes glimpse of the decision-making processes of some of the best and most creative minds in film.

Now’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about. Let us help you imagine the possibilities for your own live, interactive video broadcasts.

Visit our Primetime page to learn more.


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