Save Yourself Some Embarrassment... Avoid These Body Language Blunders

November 13, 2017 Jade Hill

Actions speak louder than words, and that is especially true in the business environment. The way you position your body and the expressions you make can say more about how you truly feel than the words that leave your mouth. Make sure you’re prepared for success in meetings—both in-person and via video—by avoiding the following body language blunders.


Learn which body language blunders you need to correct by viewing yourself on video. Get started with a free BlueJeans trial.

* Infographic originally published by Swiss Canadian Capital

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Jade Hill is the Content Marketing Manager at BlueJeans and runs the BlueJeans Resource Hub. She graduated from the University of Chicago and spent years working in higher education before transitioning to the world of digital marketing. When not writing blog posts or customer stories, Jade enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading, and exploring the California coast.

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