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What Does it Mean to Have an Enterprise-Grade Collaboration Solution?

August 4, 2015

"Why video conferencing?" is a tired conversation. We all have webcams, mobile devices, and some form of video conferencing tool in our personal lives.

What's changing is that businesses now feel pressure to embrace video in the workplace just to keep pace. Those who already have a strategy are being asked to expand its reach and capabilities. But for IT, it's far more complicated than simply giving everyone an online conferencing tool.

In this videocast, Robb Woods, Head of Sales Engineering at BlueJeans Network, shares his thoughts on:

  • Scalability as your needs grow
  • Ease of deployment in both greenfield and brownfield environments
  • Cost of ownership and management
  • Security and network architecture
  • End-to-end experience for your user base
  • Analytics and administrative tools

Our Expert Speaker

Robb Woods
Director of Sales Engineering, BlueJeans Network

Robb is widely respected as a subject matter expert and thought leader in the video conferencing and unified communications space. His expertise has been built over the past two decades, working with industry leaders, manufacturers, and customers of all sizes. As a trusted advisor, he has been integral in the UC and visual collaboration strategies of numerous global organizations, Robb is currently the Head of Sales Engineering at Blue Jeans Network where he joined the founding team in early 2011.

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