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Put a Face on Your Company Events

August 4, 2015

Put a Face on Your Company Events

All businesses have company and department meetings to keep everyone on the same page, and they're usually boring. Maybe it's the CEO delivering a talking slide show, a business lead reading out quarter-end results, or the head of sales training her team on the latest customer pitch. In all of these cases, the audience probably isn't listening, and they definitely aren't absorbing the content.... but to be fair, how could they?

View this fast-paced 45-minute session to understand how today's technologies can help you truly engage your audience, whoever they may be. Hint: it involves providing 2-way video capabilities to everyone!

Topics include:

  • How the format of today's internal meetings is stunting productivity
  • How true interactivity can produce far more benefits than traditional webcasts and video events
  • Examples of common corporate use cases

Our Expert Speakers

David Maldow 
CEO, Let's Do Video

David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let’s Do Video and one of the visual collaboration industry’s most prolific writers. Prior to founding Let’s Do Video, David was Managing Partner at Telepresence Options, one of the industry’s most recognized print publications and news sites. He is the author of 200+ pieces of public content, gaining him recognition as an industry expert.

Earlier in his career, David managed the Wainhouse Research Video Test Lab, where he developed the ability to assess products/solutions from an IT perspective, but with an eye for user experience and adoptability.

With a technical base relevant to the IT crowd and a writing style that breaks things down for the typical user, David’s mission is to educate and evangelize cutting-edge business video technologies. Learn more at LetDoVideo.com



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