Find your Match - Talent Shines Over Video

August 4, 2015

Talent Shines Over Video

Today’s most talented candidates are busy and in demand. To stay relevant in a dramatically shifting HR landscape, you need to attract the right talent by building a flexible hiring process that enables you to effectively engage with elusive top talent.

Linaro found a powerful way to differentiate its recruiting process, attract new talent, and boost credibility to their brand. Video interviewing became a crucial tool for Linaro to engage with off-shore talent, helping them address its talent needs and expand into new markets.

In this videocast, Director of Global Talent, Mike Levine, reveals what collaboration tools he's using to stand out and secure top talent. Learn their secrets today!

View this videocast to learn how Linaro was able to be successful in:

  • Replacing the traditional phone screen with a video call
  • Recruiting an international team
  • Shifting culture from audio to video

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