BlueJeans and Dolby Transform the Meeting Experience with Immersive Sound at the Touch of a Button

October 12, 2017 Quentin Gallivan

Since I joined BlueJeans, customers consistently share that they choose BlueJeans because we push the boundaries of what video meetings can and should be. We’re not afraid to tackle the toughest challenges this medium presents.

One of those challenges is sound. Things like background noise, people talking over one another, echo, and not knowing who is speaking are distractions that have been scientifically proven to negatively impact our ability to communicate. This leads to frustration and misunderstandings that must be solved in order for video meetings to deliver on their promise.


Another big challenge is ease-of-use. We can all relate to the anxiety and delays a multi-step join process can create. We want to have the ability to walk in and begin; push a button and go.

To that end, BlueJeans has partnered with world-class Dolby Laboratories to overcome the productivity barriers that poor sound and complexity present. Today, at Dolby headquarters in San Francisco, Dolby President and CEO Kevin Yeaman and I hosted approximately 200 BlueJeans customers to detail the capabilities of BlueJeans with Dolby Voice and BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone.

The thrill of great sound never gets old -- whether in the cinema or in a meeting room. To underscore this point, we decided to have some fun. The group watched Blade Runner 2049. This stunning audio and video experience was the perfect backdrop to highlight how we’ve taken the same feeling and applied it to meetings. Think about that -- how much more productive and effective meetings can be when common audio challenges like background noise are resolved, and you can hear your colleagues voices in natural, clear tones. It’s almost better than being there.

Customers agree. Tommy McClung, CTO of TrueCar, one of our beta test customers, recently shared:

“Transparency is the basis of our businesses, so when we connect with remote employees as well as our customers and partners, we want the experience to be as clear and transparent as if they are in the same room with us. Adding Dolby sound to BlueJeans takes the end-user experience to a whole new level. Not only is the sound quality amazing, but the Dolby Conference Phone integration makes our BlueJeans meeting experience unlike anything else."

I look forward to talking with many more customers about how this joint solution elevates meetings. Together, we’ve initiated a pivotal moment, effectively changing the game for enterprise communications. Our simple, clear, and beautiful video meeting experience can truly enhance productivity and drive business forward -- all at the touch of a button.

About the Author

Quentin Gallivan

Quentin Gallivan is the CEO of BlueJeans. Throughout the past 25 years, Gallivan has guided numerous industry-leading enterprise platform and cloud-based technology companies through high-growth phases. He has established an impeccable record of strategic expansion, operational excellence, and profitable exits. As an early executive at Verisign, Gallivan was instrumental in growing the company from a $20M revenue cloud security company serving the mid-market to a $1.5B revenue global cloud infrastructure powerhouse providing critical security and infrastructure to the Global 2000. Gallivan’s leadership was instrumental in Verisign’s successful IPO. Additionally, as CEO of Pentaho, Gallivan increased revenue by over 600 percent and transformed the company from an SMB open source business intelligence (BI) platform company into the market-leading big data analytics company. This ultimately led to Pentaho’s sale to Hitachi in 2015.

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