BlueJeans Tip: Screen Share Only Mode

April 26, 2018 Ashley Ward

We’ve all been there… in the middle of a conference room without the right cable. Nothing puts a productive meeting on pause faster than the search for an HDMI cord or adapter. Thankfully, there is an easier way! 

With BlueJeans, you can join the meeting from your laptop in Screen Share Only mode, allowing you to share content without sending or receiving audio or video. This is the perfect solution, no matter whether you’re already in a video meeting with your team, or if everyone is sitting in the conference room itself. Simply join the BlueJeans Meeting, share your screen, and continue your meeting—no cables required! 

Sharing content in this manner has the added benefit of allowing you to select an application rather than your entire screen. This eliminates the possibility of everyone seeing your email alerts or instant messages and allows you to switch between applications on your computer without displaying everything to the group. 

Using Screen Share Only Mode

While screen sharing is available both in the browser and through the desktop application, it is easiest in the newest Desktop App 2.0 version of BlueJeans. From the desktop app, simply click the … button and then click “Join with Screen Share Only.”

Join with Screen Share in BlueJeans

This will allow you to join the meeting without video or audio turned on, so you will you get a blank blue screen with a “Start Screen Share” button.

Start Screen Share in BlueJeans

Once you click the “Start Screen Share” button, it will allow you to share either the entire screen or a specific application. With Internet browsers, you will have a choice of which window to choose should you have more than one open upon launch.  

Choose Screen Share Application in BlueJeans

Once you choose the application, you’re done! Your screen will be shared on the conference room display and on the screens of anyone else who has joined the meeting. Who knew conferencing could be this easy?

Make screen sharing easy for our team with a free trial of BlueJeans.

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Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward is the Customer Marketing Manager at BlueJeans Network and the brains behind Blue Crew, the exclusive customer advocacy platform. She has worked at BlueJeans for nearly five years, first as a member of BlueJeans Customer Success and now as an integral part of the marketing team. When not working with customers, Ashley enjoys watching sports, challenging her friends to trivia, and spending time with her family.

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