Android Public Beta for BlueJeans with Dolby Voice Now Available

February 27, 2018 Tedd Fox

At BlueJeans, the user experience is our top priority, which is why we work to deliver quality video conferencing services to both our administrators and end users. To this end, we partnered with Dolby in 2017 to integrate superior Dolby Voice into the BlueJeans Meetings service and create the best meeting experience on the market. Since the initial rollout in October, we have continued to integrate Dolby into our products so crystal-clear audio is available on the desktop app, in BlueJeans Rooms, and soon in BlueJeans Events. 

Continuing our partnership with Dolby and our focus on the end user experience, we're excited to announce a public beta for the Android app.  Now, BlueJeans users with Android devices can experience spatial audio on their phones and tablets. In addition, this new integration ensures that those on the other end of the line receive the benefits of noise reduction, making it so the mobile user's environment is not disruptive to other attendees. Think about it… now you can be walking down the busiest street in town and everyone will still be able to hear the entire meeting. No more "Sorry, I was muted…" every few minutes.

Starting today, the Android beta is open to the public. Download the new version to experience the amazing audio that you're accustomed to on the desktop and in your conference rooms, now on your mobile device. To take part in the public beta, click here and register with Google Play.

We will be continuously updating the app throughout the beta as we work out the final kinks. Google Play will push those updates to your device as soon as we publish enhancements. If you experience any issues or have feedback (we love feedback!), feel free to email to start the dialogue. We're looking forward to your participation in this limited beta program!

Interested in testing the Android app, but not a BlueJeans customer? Get a free 30-day trial when you download the public beta! 

Download the Android beta and experience the Dolby difference.

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Tedd is a passionate senior product management executive focusing on solving problems. He works at BlueJeans as a Principal Project Manager, and is an advocate for the end user and easy workflows. His main strengths are new products and bad product turnaround. He has extensive experience working with teams in China, India, and Eastern Europe. Tedd, his team, and their work have been featured in publications such as Engadget, Mashable, TechCrunch, and various blogs and newspapers.

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