Analyst Predictions: The Future is in Video

October 27, 2016

While meetings are vital for a business, they can also be a huge burden on people’s workloads.

Whether it’s the high frequency, tiresome length or topic irrelevance – bad meetings are a common ailment in many organizations.

But all this is about to change, according to Rob Bamforth, from leading analyst firm Quocirca. He believes live video can transform the state of meetings for the better.

He envisages a not-too-distant future where ‘physical’ meetings en masse are replaced with smaller, shorter video meetings. As a result, content can be better tailored for the select few involved, people will have more space to ask questions and there will be no travel expenses incurred.

In Bamforth’s eyes, it becomes much easier to call a meeting at shorter notice, allowing teams to discuss a project’s status in real-time.

But it’s about more than just saving time and money. Live video meetings can also save people’s brainpower. Bamforth explains that by reducing the time delay that scheduling conflicts can cause, employees no longer need to waste mental effort revisiting old topics they initially discussed months ago, and then had to shelve until their colleagues or clients became available.

In essence, live video communication has the potential to significantly accelerate business responsiveness.

Bamforth’s predictions align with BlueJeans’ research. An overwhelming 70% of people believe live video will save time spent in physical, face-to-face meetings in the next few years. But does it have what it takes to completely replace telephone, email, instant messaging, or any other contemporary tech-led communication medium? Bamforth thinks not.

He explains that being concise is about communicating effectively and briefly. Consistency is about interoperability – having everything work well together – for all media, across all devices. And control is about the user; what content can be displayed, what background noises can be muted and who regulates interruptions. So, while video won’t exactly phase out the telephone anytime soon, these elements do put modern day live video at the forefront of effective communication.

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