Stay on Top of The Game: Top 4 Tips for Commuters

July 22, 2016

We understand the feeling when your commute is compromised, whether it’s missing your train by a fraction of a second or when unexpected delays, traffic and congestion create setbacks in your daily routine.

In fact, here in the Bay Area, San Francisco commuters have recently been experiencing their own challenge comparable to the big battle taking place on the field of Levi’s Stadium on February 7th. Millions of sports fans are expected to visit the Bay Area in celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl, and although Bay Area residents are excited to welcome them, they are also preparing for a significant increase in traffic, road closures and congestion that will affect their regular commute.

Luckily, thanks to video conferencing and other collaborative technology, businesses can stay on track by allowing employees to work from home (WFH) and on the go to beat this commute crunch.

Here at Blue Jeans Network, we’re fans of WFH policies, and know you are too, thanks to the notable spikes we’ve seen in virtual meetings during similar travel-disrupting events:

  • Meeting activity increased by 35% during the epic 2015 Boston blizzard and up to 26% in Texas during the May flooding.
  • The Polar Vortex of 2013 caused a massive 62% jump
  • The 2013 BART strike in San Francisco saw a 50% increase in video meetings

Whether you’re currently facing a commuter crisis here in the Bay Area or find yourself in need of keeping in touch while working on the road, we’ve got a few tips to keep you productive when the unexpected happens:

Score a touchdown on your home turf!

  • Choosing to work from home saves you time and money, especially with smart solutions like video conferencing.
  • Feel like a rookie when it comes to working from home? Check out our latest State of the Modern Meeting report to see how virtual employees are connecting today.

Put your game face on.

  • As we’ve discovered, face to face meetings can increase engagement and productivity during meetings.
  • Our mobile app allows you to videoconference on the go so you don’t miss a second of key company meetings.

Going, going, gone!

  • Use mobile apps like Evernote to stay productive and working as you’re on the go. Our own video conferencing platform is compatible with all mobile devices, can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Be your team’s MVP

  • Communication is key when working from home, so be sure to keep your team updated by touching base with them a few times daily.
  • Be a collaboration champion by incorporating video conferencing into your work from home routine to keep team interactions personal and engaging despite the distance.

To help Bay Area residents stay productive, we’re also offering a free trial of our video conferencing service so employees can collaborate and stay connected despite traffic delays. How do you stay productive when commuter crises occur? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for working from home and battling transit troubles!

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