4 Common Video Conferencing Frustrations – And Ways to Solve Them

September 5, 2017

Just how harmful are unused and difficult communication and collaboration tools left lying around in your workplace? For users, it’s no biggie. But for IT teams, whose achievements are measured by the adoption and utility of the technologies they implement, underutilized tools can hinder and even prevent overall department success.

Video conferencing is one such example of a tool that has historically sat unused in workplaces. Here are the most common reasons why:

  • Video equipment sits underutilized, collecting dust because it’s too complicated and incompatible with other devices.
  • Your IT/AV team is unhappy because supporting multi-vendor deployments is cumbersome and has resulted in increased trouble tickets.
  • End users are frustrated by the inability to use video conferencing on multiple devices (room systems, laptop, phone, iOS, Android) and experience the same process across them.
  • End users’ workflows are slowed down by the failure of their video meeting platform to integrate seamlessly with the collaboration tools they use to get their work done, such as calendaring, messaging, and file sharing.

The good news? The video conferencing technology landscape has evolved rapidly in recent years. Modern business video meeting platforms can both eliminate the above problems and increase returns on investment. 

Download our white paper “Three Goals for Today’s Enterprise Video Conferencing Platform” to learn the essential elements of modern video conferencing platforms that make widespread adoption achievable.

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