Illumina’s New CEO Hosts First All-Hands Meeting Using Interactive Video

September 26, 2016 Garrett Ruiz

Illumina, a global leader in genomics – an industry at the intersection of biology and technology – successfully adopted live, interactive video for broadcasting their company-wide meetings. After being appointed CEO, Francis deSouza was set to address the company at his first global, all-hands meeting. Wanting to make a lasting impact, he realized there was a better way to not only reach all 5,000+ of his worldwide employees, but also engage, energize, and align them with his vision for the company.

Traditionally, Illumina’s all-hands meetings relied heavily on audio bridges and one-way streaming. This proved to be largely inefficient - only employees actually sitting in the auditorium at headquarters had the ability to see the speakers and participate in the live Q&A. Many remote employees were left feeling isolated and disconnected not only from headquarters, but from one another. Moreover, executives and other business leaders were unable to look remote employees in the eye and read the body language that accompanied the questions and concerns they raised.

deSouza understood that live, interactive video would go a long way to achieving instant credibility and accelerate a company-wide buy in. By combining Illumina’s internal A/V production team with the capabilities of Primetime, IT embraced a new, 360-degree, live video experience. The results were astounding - for his first all-hands meeting, deSouza succeeded in essentially transporting every employee to headquarters (and into the auditorium), so they could be present, participate and look their new CEO in the eye.  

Watch how Illumina transformed deSouza’s first all-hands meeting into an engaging, unifying, live video discussion:

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