How IT Can Make Virtual Meetings Painless and Productive

May 8, 2018 John Knightly

Meetings make the business world go ’round — or so it seems considering how much time we all spend participating in them. In a recent BlueJeans global survey of 900 business and IT professionals, 60% of respondents identified cloud meeting solutions that enable video conferencing and screen sharing as a leading step their company has taken to boost productivity and increase meeting effectiveness.

But an area of user frustration that could potentially weaken or eliminate expected productivity gains is the inability to easily and quickly join a meeting from any device or room. This exact issue is what 42% of survey respondents said frustrates them about their company’s cloud meeting solution.

Shortcomings of Meeting Solutions - BlueJeans Survey DataQuestion: What shortcomings of the cloud meeting solutions you selected pose the greatest barriers to productivity? Rank your top three.

Based on this data, there is a clear opportunity for IT to increase adoption and improve user experience with a solution that allows meeting invitees to join from any device or room with a single touch. 

Independent Assessment Confirms BlueJeans Advantage

Being asked to join a cloud video meeting that requires a multi-step process gets in the way of the work that needs to be done. Independent market research firm Wainhouse Research recently published an assessment of BlueJeans’ meetings platform that focused specifically on its new desktop application and user interface. As part of the assessment, Wainhouse took a close look at the meeting scheduling and join workflow, concluding: 

"BlueJeans’ new meeting join is quick and essentially automatic. Users just click on the meeting join link, and the system does the rest."

In fact, Wainhouse testing revealed that the join time for the BlueJeans Desktop App 2.0 is only six (6) seconds, an accomplishment they described as “exceptional.” The Wainhouse review of BlueJeans also noted that “video quality was strong throughout all test meetings” and “audio quality ranged from very good to exceptional.” 

Combined with the painless one-touch join process, the audio performance levels of BlueJeans with Dolby Voice makes it possible for IT to address two of the primary limitations of cloud meeting solutions cited by end users.

Just as important for IT professionals is BlueJeans’ Command Center dashboard for live meeting management and service intelligence. The centralized management tool includes useful alerts and more than 70 performance metrics, giving IT insight into every meeting. Administrators can measure meeting quality scores, remotely troubleshoot, and view real-time ROI statistics. Meanwhile, users will appreciate a frictionless, consistent experience across desktop, mobile, and conference room systems as much as they will the crystal-clear audio and high-quality video.

Discover what else Wainhouse Research found in its analysis of the BlueJeans Meetings platform.

Source: BlueJeans survey, delivered via Market Cube to 906 business and IT professionals across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia in February 2018.

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