Empty, unused video conference rooms? Here’s what to do.

March 21, 2017

The Empty Conference Room Conundrum 

When most people picture a conference room, they think of a large, formally decorated space, featuring a long table that typically accommodates dozens of attendees. Though used for high profile board meetings or executive conference calls, what makes these rooms unique is the expensive camera and state of the art video/audio equipment they contain.

In theory, these rooms sound ideal, but, in reality, they’re usually sitting empty while the costly audio/visual equipment that was intended to foster better communication, essentially collects dust. To make matters worse, many of these systems are complicated to use and deliver inconsistent user experiences, frequently lacking even the most basic compatibility from room to room.  

Make it Easy for Employees to Join Video Meetings 

Enabling more straightforward and consistent video meetings using the video conferencing equipment you already have is not only possible, it’s easy to do. Regardless of what system you have, interoperable, cloud-based video technologies can support your meeting needs. With the convenience introduced by this breed of video meeting platform, organizations can realize better ROI by getting more use out of their traditional conference room hardware, while also increasing the number of video-enabled rooms throughout their workplace.

BlueJeans’ video meetings service brings together anyone on a mobile device, laptop or room system with the click of a link. It is backed by enterprise-grade security and centralized management—allowing you to connect any of your Cisco, Polycom, or Lifesize endpoints with a consistent, unified user experience. People no longer need to learn a new interface, or fumble with an unfamiliar remote every time they want to start a video meeting.

Video-Enable All Your Meeting Spaces

Video meetings shouldn’t be just for big, traditional conference rooms. Due to more collaborative work practices and an increasingly remote workforce, there is an even bigger employee demand for easier, more informal video and web conferencing. In fact, our research shows that 64% of employees believe their companies could make better use of live video meetings. What many businesses are realizing is that video-enabled conference rooms don’t always need to be built solely for large groups.

BlueJeans is taking one touch, face to face employee video collaboration to the masses. Now, virtually any ordinary, office room can easily be transformed into a video meeting hub. With platforms like BlueJeans Huddle, the movement toward designating smaller, informal spaces for on-the-fly video meetings is on the rise. Ideal for IT departments, these rooms are easily setup, remotely monitored, and feature ongoing user analytics. And, unlike traditional conference rooms, they don’t have to be large nor do they have to be outfitted with expensive audio/video equipment.

Enhancing traditional video conference rooms with touch to join meetings or transforming ordinary rooms into on demand, video-enabled hubs has never been easier, more cost effective, and more welcome. The days of empty, underutilized conference rooms are over and, beyond that, there’s really no limit to the number of huddle rooms you can create. Easy and convenient video meetings that works for everyone is what employees want. And, the enterprise is buying in.

Ready for a Better Meetings Experience?

Have you invested in video conferencing hardware that isn’t being used because it is complicated to use and incompatible with other systems? We can help. Start your free trial of BlueJeans onVideo today or contact us to learn more. 

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