Call it Off: Audio-Only Calls Could be Costing You Business

July 22, 2016

We know a thing or two about Modern Meetings here at Blue Jeans, which is why we found Katie Hafner’s recent New York Times article on audio-only calls so interesting.

The difference between audio and video conferencing is stark — after all, nearly three quarters (71 percent) of businesses say that they’ve lost a business deal due to the lack of face-to-face interaction on a call. Those aren’t the only startling stats: 

  • Face the Facts: Six percent of those surveyed admitted to falling asleep during an audio-only Man Sleepingmeeting*.
  • Crystal Clear Collaboration: 91% of people agree that videoconferencing improves clarity and helps them understand the discussion.
  • Multitasking Mayhem: truth is, people multitask during an audio-only call. Our State of the Modern Meetingdata shows that 72% of people talk to other colleagues during audio calls, and 34% of people also use social media or take other calls during audio-only meetings.

The power of face-to-face interaction goes beyond just team collaborations, and videoconferencing provides more versatility and a better connection than audio ever can. In fact, most common business uses cases for video-centric collaboration also include sales and marketing presentations, executive and board meetings as well as international meetings with partners and vendors to reduce travel time and expense.

Not to mention, meeting mishaps are commonplace with an audio only call. Take a peek at the scenarios in our Sh*t That Happens On Mute series to learn exactly why the things that happen on mute just don’t happen on video.

To make sure you are being heard during key team collaborations, nix the clunky phone systems that can make accessing conferences more difficult than it has to be. When you’re using video, team members can actively engage and bounce ideas off each other face-to-face, making it much easier to notice if your audience is invested in the conversation or you’re losing their interest. Whether you’re closing a business deal or looking to shorten your recruiting cycle, it’s no secret that video is the way to get business done.

What are your thoughts on audio-only calls? Share your stories on Twitter about the things that happen during conference calls, thanks to that tempting mute button and be sure to tag @BlueJeansNet. Or you can head over to to try out 14 days of free face-to-face video meetings. Check out our exclusive infographics for more details on why video conferencing is king, and our State of the Modern Meeting findings to see how you can keep up with the latest collaboration trends.

*National survey of 391 business decision makers conducted on behalf of Blue Jeans Network by in November of 2013.

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