BlueJeans Envisions the Future of Selling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

October 10, 2017 Krish Ramakrishnan

BlueJeans is widely recognized for its innovative integrations supporting customer workflows. That’s why it made sense to envision a not-so-distant future use case where connecting with customers is made even easier by bringing LinkedIn Sales Navigator functionality into BlueJeans video meetings.
Today, LinkedIn showcased our vision for what this looks like and why it’s important at its Executive Sales Forum. Hundreds of LinkedIn Sales Navigator customers gathered to explore the methodologies and tools that are reshaping the selling landscape for a new generation of sales professionals.
Our concept: populate sales meetings conducted over the BlueJeans video platform with essential background information from LinkedIn to make meetings more productive. Imagine connecting with sales team members or prospects during a BlueJeans meeting and instantly, seamlessly viewing potential customers’ LinkedIn profiles without leaving the meeting screen. The ability to see relevant background and make connections in real-time can help teams—whether business development representatives or enterprise account executives–present more relevant, custom information so that they can build better relationships and close deals.
Having the right information at the right time is invaluable to sales teams. What sales professional has not been in a conversation when he or she wished they could remember where someone worked previously, whether they had common acquaintances, or even where they went to school without having to toggle back and forth to a LinkedIn account? Quick access to this kind of information can enrich conversations and help make connections faster. Interestingly, this would be pretty awkward during an in person meeting, but it could be at one’s fingertips during a BlueJeans video meeting. This proves yet again that BlueJeans meetings can be even better than being there.
Sales teams tell us that they find the BlueJeans platform especially useful for their customer interactions. With BlueJeans’ simple-to-use, one-touch join experience, prospects and customers quickly jump into meetings. Integration with WebRTC means that there’s no application download required on their part—simply click and get into the conversation.

BlueJeans is built on the concept of interoperability with any room system, connectivity via desktop and mobile, as well as working within the applications people already use, such as Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft’s Skype for Business. This effort with LinkedIn Sales Solutions further demonstrates BlueJeans’ ongoing commitment to support customer workflows through innovative integrations to transform the way business is conducted.

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Krish Ramakrishnan

Krish Ramakrishnan is the co-founder, executive chairman, and Chief Innovator and Strategist of BlueJeans Network. Krish is considered a video visionary, widely regarded as the founder of the new class of cloud-based video interoperability that everyone uses today.

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