Are businesses at risk of alienating the ‘selfie-generation’?

March 21, 2016 Erin Denlea

As consumer communication devices continue to develop at an astonishing rate, employees are becoming increasingly more frustrated with the technology tool sets they are being supplied with by their work. In this day and age users are most happy when using the latest communication and collaboration tools available, as it makes their day-to-day working lives easier and more productive.

With that in mind, we recently conducted research, which found that although 85% of employees use video as part of their everyday lives, only 28% of employers were proactively encouraging them to use video at work to communicate. This shows the huge disconnect between the way employees want to work and what they are actually receiving from employers.

The research also found that almost two thirds (63%) said that their employers could make better use of live video, pointing to culture, collaboration and training as examples. Furthermore, 63% say that younger employees now expect to use live video as communication tools when they enter the workplace. This shows that there is a huge demand for video to improve the worker experience, position the company as a more forward-thinking business, and drive productivity.

Over the past few years there has been a noticeable shift in business culture, where companies now tend to have a more casual atmosphere and working style. Because of this transition, businesses are looking to forge relationships with clients and colleagues in a different way through new technology. In a time where video is used constantly in our personal lives, it’s important that businesses keep up with these changes or risk losing touch with the “selfie generation”. Maintaining employee engagement is also crucial for staff retention and ensuring the technology employees use every day allows them to collaborate more effectively and work with ease.

Want to find out more about Love Live Video? Check out the full report here.

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