3 Strategies to Reduce IT Costs and Accelerate Business

April 19, 2017

If you’re running an IT organization, you’re probably on the lookout for ways to lower operating costs. Keeping pace with today’s volatility and ultra-competitive business landscape demands an IT department that drives speed and agility, while not breaking the bank. 

According to a survey by Tech Pro Research (TPR)1, IT budgets for over half of respondents could climb as high as half a million dollars, while 38 percent expect to have over $1 million to play with. This trend undoubtedly puts further scrutiny on spending. The good news is that by taking advantage of the right technologies, you can be in a better position than ever to reduce costs, better manage changing conditions, and increase efficiencies enterprise-wide. 


With the maturity of cloud-based solutions, there’s a big opportunity for IT organizations to holistically determine how best to leverage the latest cloud technology. According to Forbes, by 2018, the typical IT department will have the minority of their apps and platforms (40%) residing in on premise systems. At this point, the cloud should be mandatory for not only transforming IT, but providing improved business agility and economic growth. Cloud-based alternatives exist to support greater stability, function, and agility while keeping up with the increasing flow of data and minimizing risk.


Historically, IT services, software, and equipment are purchased over a period of time, often with little foresight into how they eventually will work together. For instance, video conferencing equipment such as cameras, microphones, and remotes frequently work differently from room to room providing inconsistent user experiences. This disparity breeds confusion, costs time, and often results in expensive video/audio equipment collecting dust. By providing audio, video, and screen sharing in a single platform, BlueJeans serves as a replacement for legacy web conferencing. Beyond collaboration features, BlueJeans is compatible with computers, mobile devices and room systems, and also supports centralized IT management for measuring effectiveness and increasing efficiencies. By cultivating an easier, more consistent experience that’s designed to scale, and also simplifies IT troubleshooting, you can increase collaboration enterprise-wide. 


Regardless of what equipment or software you have, the full value of your investment won’t be realized if users aren't regularly engaged. Though organizations are willing to invest in new tools, they may not be taking the steps to promote user adoption. Moreover, if you’re attempting to replace or consolidate other solutions, employees may revert back to using the old solution simply because it is familiar, even it if it is less efficient. Coordinating a user training strategy makes new software deployments more cost-effective. According change management firm, Prosci, these training initiatives are 6 times more likely to succeed when a strong change management plan is part of the deployment process. As part of the adoption strategy here at BlueJeans, our customer success teams partner with IT departments. Such partnerships organize the planning and streamline the roll out process, ensuring users receive specialized training suited for their unique environment. 


With such widespread innovation and support at their fingertips, IT leaders have a significant opportunity to not only reduce costs and optimize budgets, but reshape their IT architecture and gain a competitive advantage. For organizations that want to control costs and reposition themselves for growth, embracing the cloud, consolidating your IT stack and ensuring proper change management plans are in place will pay large dividends. 

Visit us and learn how BlueJeans can consolidate your audio, video and screen sharing tools into a unified, easy to use platform. 

1. http://www.zdnet.com/article/it-budgeting-in-2015-what-the-surveys-tell-us/

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